Julie Goussot and Rodolphe Lospied form a duo that is touchingly musical and full of complicity. Their story of friendship and music began when they met on the benches of the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Lyon, where their shared passion for the melody and lieder repertoire was an obvious choice.

After completing their studies in Lyon, Julie and Rodolphe pursued their respective musical paths around the world. Julie took to the international stage, deepening her vocal artistry and her love of linguistics, exploring the nuances of language in the Lied repertoire in particular. Meanwhile, Rodolphe is also making a name for himself on the French music scene, honing his skills not only as a chamber pianist but also as a harpsichordist. In fact, he cultivated his playing and obtained a DEM with honours and congratulations from the jury at the Bordeaux Conservatoire.

Their musical versatility has led them to explore a wide range of genres, juggling with ease the repertoire of lieder, melody and even baroque music. As well as their remarkable performances on stage, Julie and Rodolphe share a burning passion for rediscovering forgotten repertoires. Their relentless search for new scores and buried musical treasures is the driving force behind their artistic creativity, inspiring score after score.

They were recently awarded the Grand Prix at the Mélodie de Toulouse competition in October 2021 and have been invited to the Wigmore Hall International Competition 2022.